Required Licenses & Permits

Alarm Ordinance

The City of Plainview has an alarm ordinance concerning the regulation of business and residential alarm systems in Plainview.

Residents and businesses who have an alarm system must obtain an alarm permit from the Plainview Police Department, which is responsible for administering the alarm ordinance.

For more information, please contact the police department at (806) 296-1181.

Alarm Permit Application (PDF)

Solicitors Ordinance

The City of Plainview has an ordinance governing "Peddlers, Itinerant Vendors and Solicitors." The Plainview Police Department is responsible for administering this "Solicitors" ordinance.

Further information can be obtained by calling (806) 296-1181 or going by the police department during regular business hours.

Peddlers, Itinerant Vendors & Solicitors Permit (PDF)

Street Soliciting Application (PDF)