Division Officers

The patrol division of the Plainview Police Department provides 24-hour patrol coverage to the city, utilizing 20 uniformed officers. Patrol oversees five dispatchers who work staggered shifts around the clock. The patrol division also supervises seven part-time school crossing guards to protect kids at school crossings.

One uniformed officer is assigned to be a school resource officer for the public school system, which pays for part of his salary and equipment. One uniformed officer is trained as the K-9 officer. He has a police dog and a specially outfitted police unit. This officer usually works a patrol shift and takes calls like other uniformed officers. Specially trained officers from patrol and CID are used for high-risk situations such as drug warrants and barricaded suspects. They are commonly referred to as the Special Weapons and Tactics team or SWAT.

Contact Us

For more information, contact the Patrol Division by calling (806) 296-1185.