Minimum Housing Standards Board


  • City Council Chambers
    202 W. 5th Street
    Plainview, TX 79072

Agendas & Minutes

View the agendas and minutes for the Minimum Housing Standards Board. Agendas are available prior to each meeting.

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  • Mayor and City Council

Board Responsibilities

The Board of Minimum Housing Standards (“MHSB”) consists of  the Mayor and members of the City Council. The MHSB provides a final determination and hears appeals of the decisions of the City’s Chief Building Official regarding structures or buildings which from any cause, endanger the life, limb, health, morals, property, safety, or welfare of the general public or their occupants. The MHSB hears testimony and takes evidence at specially called hearings before them and issues decisions and Orders concerning repair, demolition, removal, clean up and/or new construction as may be necessary. Administrative support is provided to MHSB by the City’s Community Services Department.

Level of Authority: The MHSB is the final authority on all matters for which it is responsible. Any appeal of a MHSB decision is directed to District Court.