Wastewater Collection System

Sanitary Sewer Services

The City of Plainview Wastewater Collection Department maintains an extensive wastewater collection system serving more than 22,000 customers in both the city limits and outlying areas. The system consists of 142 miles of sewer main lines maintained by three full-time employees.


  • Sewer main construction
  • Sewer main repair
  • Weekly preventative sewer main maintenance to avoid problems
  • Close contact with plumbers and homeowners
  • Sewer line smoking to detect leaks
  • Operation of camera units for video inspections

Sewer Maintenance

Maintenance measures sometimes prevent build-up that may cause service problems for our customers. However, due to several factors beyond the city’s control, backups may occur on city main lines or on the customer’s service line.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to report a water leak, please call (806) 296-1169 during normal business hours or (806) 296-1182 after hours and on weekends.