Youth Offenders


If you are classified as a juvenile (under the age of 17) under Texas state law and charged with a traffic or criminal violation, you must appear in court with a parent or a legal guardian. You may also bring a lawyer, but the presence of your parent/guardian is still required.


A minor is a person who is over 16 but under the age of 21. Any person under the age of 21 charged with alcohol, curfew, or tobacco violation must appear in court.

What You Can Expect When You Come to Court

You are expected to dress properly and follow the rules of the court. Please wear appropriate clothing when you appear in court.

Address Notification

You and your parent or guardian are required by law to provide the court, in writing, your current address and residence. If your place of residence changes, you have seven days to notify the court, in writing, of your new address and residence.

Failure to keep the court informed of your new residence may result in failure to appear and failure to notify charges filed against both you and your parent or guardian. The obligation of keeping the court informed of your current address and residence is required until your case is finalized/terminated.